Dental Care and Oral Surgery in Santa Ana


Ask a group of people what their least favorite activity is and answers will usually range from spending the day at the Department of Motor Vehicles to filling out their tax return, or having to speak in front of a large gathering. One reply that almost always comes up is “going to the dentist.” That comes from a widespread misconception that undergoing a dental procedure is extremely painful and just shy of terrifying.

Not so. If you have a need for oral surgery in Santa Ana, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kareem Abraham at LifeTime Smiles of OC. He will explain to you how stress-free and pain-free having dental work can be using today’s modern technology in combination with his gentle chairside manner. Dr. Abraham, a family and cosmetic dentist, has more than a decade of experience using the most advanced equipment and tooth-saving techniques available. He has built a large following based on his insistence that he spend as much time as needed to properly examine each patient, listen to their concerns, and then thoroughly explain a course of treatment to help patients regain good oral health and hygiene.

I’m afraid I have neglected my teeth for too long. Can they be saved?

Even if you have one or more badly infected teeth, it doesn’t necessarily mean any of them need to be extracted by oral surgery in Santa Ana. Modern dentistry techniques, including a root canal procedure, can prevent what used to be inevitable tooth loss. Dr. Abraham will determine what course of action is best while observing conservative dentistry practices.

Why not just have a bad tooth extracted?

As you age, good oral hygiene is vital to your overall health. The more of your own natural teeth you can retain, the better it is for your body. Even a tooth that is infected or inflamed should be saved, if at all possible. During an examination, Dr. Abraham will have x-rays taken and utilize other digital imaging techniques to determine the extent of damage not visible on your tooth’s surface.

How do I know if it’s time to see Dr. Abraham?

You should always see a dentist twice a year, for routine maintenance and cleaning. But, if it’s been some time since you have visited a dental practice and you are experiencing persistent pain in a tooth, have tooth pain that keeps you up at night, or have one or more teeth that are noticeably sensitive to heat or cold, you need to see Dr. Abraham for an evaluation. Based on the position and shape of your teeth, Dr. Abraham may determine that oral surgery is the best course of action. Teeth with curved roots or those that are interfering with the positioning of other teeth may be good candidates for oral surgery.

What happens if the jaw is too weak to support an implant?

In some cases, an extraction of your natural teeth may be required prior to receiving an implant. If the jaw is too weak to support an implant, a bone graft may be required. Depending on your needs, the bone may be removed from an inconspicuous area from your own body, harvested from a cadaver, or synthetic material may be used.

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