Saving Your Smile with Endodontics in Santa Ana


While you rightfully concern yourself with maintaining a glowing white smile, there can be dental health issues occurring unseen beneath the surface of your teeth and gums that could eventually cause you to seek someone who specializes in endodontics in Santa Ana. Endodontics is the dental specialty that treats the inside of a tooth; mainly the soft pulp tissue and nerves that cause the discomfort you feel when a tooth is decaying or injured.

Dr. Kareem Abraham wants to help patients at LifeTime Smiles of OC maintain good gum health through endodontics. After graduation from dental school, he spent an additional three years in advanced residency learning restorative and esthetic dentistry. He practices a conservative approach to evaluating and recommending the right course of action for his patients who need treatment for any endodontic issues they may have.

Why save a tooth if it is causing pain?

The more of your own natural teeth you have the better your quality of life will be. Keeping your real smile, treating teeth that have pulp and nerve issues, and restoring them so they function naturally is what endodontics in Santa Ana can accomplish. Dr. Abraham believes that tooth extraction should be used only as a last resort in any treatment plan. “With your own teeth you can eat and chew better, you feel better about yourself, and you lessen the risk for serious dental problems as you age,” he notes.

What conditions can be resolved by endodontics?

Injury to a tooth is one of the more common problems that can be addressed by endodontics. A soccer player getting hit in the face or jaw by the ball, or someone being accidentally or intentionally struck in the mouth can cause damage to the pulp of a tooth. In some cases, a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth. Dr. Abraham can repair the pulp or replace the tooth back in its place.

Pain that radiates in the face or jaw area may be caused by damaged nerves. Dr. Abraham can isolate the source of the discomfort and properly treat it.

The most recognizable endodontics treatment is root canal therapy. This procedure is performed when a nerve or nerves have died due to some sort or trauma or disease. A gray-colored tooth is a visible sign that a nerve in that tooth has died and needs to be addressed. Once the nerve has been treated, a procedure that bleaches away the gray can be done to help restore the outside appearance of the tooth. The number one purpose of root canal therapy is to save a patient’s natural tooth and that is why Dr. Abraham recommends it as an alternative to tooth extraction.

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