Solutions for Snoring in Tustin


You can only blame the family dog for so long until your sleep partner catches on. It’s not “Barkley” that’s making all the racket during the night … it’s you. And the sooner you get professional help, the sooner you can alleviate the symptoms and causes of snoring in Tustin.

I snore. Where do I go for professional help?

Believe it or not, a well-qualified dentist who is up to date on all the latest advancements in oral health is your best resource for putting an end to the buzz-saw sounds and vibrations emanating from you while you sleep – and your partner doesn’t. Dr. Kareem Abraham is a family and cosmetic dentist who has more than a decade of experience treating patients in Tustin and Santa Ana. His dental approaches to addressing snoring issues have proven successful for many of his patients.

How common is snoring?

A study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation concluded that 30 percent to 50 percent of Americans snore at one time or another during their lives. So, your snoring in Tustin is not unique by any means.

So, why do I snore?

For some people, snoring can be brought on with general ear, nose, and throat ailments such as colds or allergies. But for other individuals, the concern is much more routine. If there is any type of obstruction that inhibits the air you are breathing in and out, snoring can occur. That obstruction may be caused by your tongue or soft tissues in your mouth. If those tissues located in the top portion of your airway contact each other, it results in a vibration that turns your breathing into the sound of a hungry grizzly bear. In other words, you snore.

Can snoring affect my overall health?

Yes. Not getting proper, restful sleep can affect how you feel, how you look, and how you perform at your job, in class, or whatever demands there are in your daily routine. Your body requires sound sleep to help your body recover and heal as well.

How can Dr. Abraham help me with my snoring issues?

The first step would be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Abraham to discuss the fact that you snore. If you have one, bring your sleep partner with you so they can describe what they see and hear while you are snoring. Dr. Abraham will examine your mouth to look for any tell-tale signs of airway obstruction. He may also recommend that you take part in an overnight sleep study to determine if you have any symptoms of sleep apnea, which can lead to several serious health issues.

If it is determined I do not have symptoms of sleep apena, then what happens next?

There are several types of oral appliances that can be worn in your mouth while you sleep. They are designed to keep your airways open thus eliminating the snoring sounds. These appliances are similar to a mouth guard worn for teeth grinding or in sports competition. Based on his evaluation of your symptoms, if you and Dr. Abraham decide that an oral appliance is the proper course of treatment for your snoring, then he will write a prescription to have one custom-made to your mouth’s dimensions.

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