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When one tooth is worn down or damaged, it may be saved with a crown. Sometimes called a cap, dental crowns are custom made to cover the needed tooth and colored to blend with your natural teeth for an attractive finish. At LifeTime Smiles of OC in Santa Ana, CA, a crown can treat a large area of decay, strengthen a damaged tooth, hold together a crack, or mask discoloration. Highly skilled dentist Dr. Kareem Abraham creates dental crowns with high-quality porcelain. Make an appointment with Dr. Abraham to find out how a crown may repair or strengthen a damaged tooth while also boosting the total health of your mouth.

Best Candidates

Crowns may be wanted or needed for several different reasons. They may be placed to cover a weak, decaying tooth to prevent it from chipping or it may hold together a cracked tooth. Dental crowns may also fix a loose or worn-down tooth. They can be used to strengthen a tooth with a lot of decay that will not take a tooth-colored filling, serve as part of a dental bridge, or mask discolored or misshapen teeth. Crowns may be glued over your tooth or connected by an implant. The crown's material is selected with consideration to where it is being placed. Porcelain crowns are better for the visible teeth and customized to match the size, shape, and color of your teeth. In your consultation, Dr. Abraham will discuss your choices and help you decide on the best dental crown for your specific needs.

What To Expect

During your consultation, Dr. Abraham will take dental impressions so that your crown can be made to fit your tooth. In some cases, a temporary dental crown may be used to cover your tooth as your permanent crown is being crafted. As soon as your dental crown is made, the treatment area will be given a local numbing anesthetic. More sedation techniques may be used if you have dental anxieties or fears. When the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Abraham will prep your tooth by cleaning away debris and decay, and then he will lightly file the enamel to create space for your dental crown. Your dental crown can be either glued to your tooth or connected to an implant. Once set, Dr. Abraham can adjust the crown's fit so it is comfortable.


Unless sedation was used, you will be able to leave our office once the procedure is complete and return to your normal daily activities. Dr. Abraham or a member of his team will provide instructions on how you should care for your crown, including any foods that should be avoided and proper cleaning methods. During your annual exams at LifeTime Smiles of OC, Dr. Abraham will evaluate your dental crown and adjust it to keep it comfortable. He will determine when your crown should be replaced; however, with the appropriate care, it may last for several years. If you have any issues with your crown (if it falls out or is loose), contact our office right away. Don't try to repair it or reattach it because this may cause an infection or bad fit.

Insurance Coverage

Based on your dental insurance, part of your costs may be covered by your provider. Once we talk to your insurance, we will be able to better calculate your personal costs. At your consultation, Dr. Abraham will help you choose the best crown material that suits your needs and budget. He can also discuss payment methods along with financing to help make your procedure more affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dental Crowns?

Think of a dental crown like a thimble on a thumb. Crowns are fixed restorations, permanently cemented, that are the original size and shape of a tooth. A crown requires two appointments. At the end of the first appointment, the goal is to take a 3D digital impression with our iTero scanner. We electronically send the scan to our local dental lab, where they make you a custom fitting crown. The second appointment the goal is to do any fine tune needed so that the crown fits with your bite, then we permanently cement the crown.

What are Dental Crowns made of?

There are many different types of dental crowns, but here at LifeTime Smiles we use almost exclusively Ceramic Zirconia. With Ceramic Zirconia you don’t have to compromise esthetics or strength. Our crowns are very natural looking and durable.

Are Dental Crowns Permanent?

Dental crowns are cemented permanently, but they do not last forever. Although they don’t last forever, there are things you can do to help the lifespan of your crowns. The most important thing you can do is keep your crowns clean by practicing excellent oral hygiene care at home and visiting your dental hygienist regularly.

When and why is a Dental Crown needed?

A dental crown is needed when there isn’t enough tooth structure left to do a traditional white filling. Whether the tooth fractured or had too much decay, a crown is a restoration that protects the tooth. Getting a filling when the tooth is too compromised isn’t recommended because your tooth would be vulnerable and could fracture under the gumline, which would lead to an extraction.

How should I care for my Dental Crowns?

You should care for you dental crowns as you would if it was a normal tooth. Leakage can happen, and when bacteria gets under the crown decay can form. Brush at least twice a day, rinse with mouthwash and floss around the crowns everyday. Coming in to get your teeth professionally cleaned, receive regular check-up radiographs and checked by the Dr. is essential.

Custom Dental Crowns

A damaged or missing tooth may be treated with a dental crown at LifeTime Smiles of OC. Talk to Dr. Abraham about how a dental crown can shield your tooth from continued harm and help to keep your mouth healthy. Offering porcelain crowns for your needs, a custom crown can be matched to blend with your teeth and keep your smile beautiful. Contact our team in Santa Ana, CA to make an appointment with dentist Dr. Abraham.

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