Actual Patient Testimonial on Invisalign and LifeTime Smiles of OC

A patient describes her experience with Invisalign and LifeTime Smiles of OC.


I'm very happy I had Invisalign. I just had the anchors removed and my teeth are straighter. I didn't know that it was possible until Jonathan, the hygienist suggested it and took pictures and I thought "Well, that's not gonna work for me because my teeth are too crooked." But it worked great. In less than nine months, I'm fine. My teeth are exactly how I wanted and Dr. Abraham walked me through every step and made sure that he knew what I wanted.

People are wonderful here. I've been with Dr. Smetko probably 25 years and then when he said he had a new dentist coming, I just thought "I don't want a new dentist. I want Dr. Smetko. I don't want him to retire." Dr. Abraham is incredible. He's painless when he gives shots and it's so great when you have to have your teeth worked on. It's very comfortable here. You feel like a family from the receptionist, Raquel, Anna, Jonathan the Hygienist, any of the techs like Naomi, I'm not sure if Anna's still here, but all wonderful people. I just love coming to my dentist.

Whenever he works on you, he checks to always make sure "Are you okay? Are you okay? Tell me if you need me to stop" he's very conscientious about how you feel and he wants to make sure you're comfortable, even to the part where is the neck pillow behind your neck in the right position. His attention to detail, it was really good. Wonderful.

Just from the bonding that I just had this week, to him giving shots. I have no fear of having shots or having my teeth worked on because he's so wonderful. He's really, really good at his practice. If you're looking for a dentist that is pain free and very kind and loves what he does. That's what's amazing, he loves what he does and everyone here enjoys their work too, so it just makes a whole difference. The whole atmosphere is very comfortable.