Dr. Abraham discusses Sleep Apnea

Dr. Abraham discusses Sleep Apnea


Kareem Abraham: If you don't get enough sleep, if you don't get good sleep, if you're snoring while you're sleeping, if you wake up multiple times in the middle of the night, you think you just need to go to the bathroom, but you might have another problem. If you think that you gained weight recently and you cannot lose it, and you're having some other medical problems going on at the same times or even a medical concern, you need to get screened first to see if you are a candidate to have a sleep apnea or not.

Lot of us are having obstructive sleep apnea, different types of sleep apnea, but to make it simple, sleep apnea, it needs treatment. A lot of us are having it, and we're not being diagnosed, we're not even being screened. Our job over here's to help you out to identify if you have a problem that's identified and let's work with you, let's help to have it treated well.

There is different types of therapies, either the CPAP machine, something that y wear to your mouth and your face, works very, very well. It has a great outcome. The downside about it, not everybody can get [inaudible].

A second alternative is to have a surgery. We get with a physician, a specialist. The specialist and they do a surgical procedure to open the airway for them.

The other experiences that we can offer is to have an oral appliance, oral appliance to help the breathing, open up oral appliance to help with airway. That [inaudible] it's gonna be done over here in our practice with the help of our lab, and that will help to open your airways so you can breath better when you're sleeping. So you wake up to a better you.

Lots of our patients we've been treating here, the biggest thing they are giving us, the biggest feedback they are giving to us is that they can do much more stuff during the day. They're not craving to take a nap in the middle of the day. They don't have to wake up multiple times in the middle of the night gasping air. They wake up fresh, they wake up to a better person. They can proceed with their daily lifestyle without any interruptions. They can focus more at work, they can focus more on studying. You sleep better, you will perform better with everything. If we take that to your whole body, your body as a whole organ will perform in a better way.

A lot of us are having high blood pressure, persistent high blood pressure, and we cannot solve it. Sleeping better can get you there. If your heart is pumping too much blood just to get oxygen to the organs because you cannot breath better, once you breath better when you're sleeping, you will get better blood overview, get better oxygen in your blood orally through organs. Your blood pressure will start to drop down.

Whoever we've been treating, they're having a lifetime change. They can sleep better, they can perform better. It helps as well with the snoring. So a lot of couples, they have a complain, my bed partner is snoring too loud, I cannot sleep within the same room, or I am embarrassed from my husband, my boyfriend because I snore loud. The oral appliance to help the sleep breathing disorder definitely will take your snoring way more down. 80% if not 100% is gonna be in a merit. If your snoring is super loud, more than what we are talking, more the tone of we are talking about, then definitely you need to be addressed with a specialist.