Dr. Abraham Discusses Dental Implants

Dr. Abraham Discusses Dental Implants


Kareem Abraham: Dental implants are titanium screws that being placed replacing a missing tooth. It's very annoying when you are missing a couple of your teeth, if it's front teeth or even back teeth. It's not convenient to smile, it's not convenient to eat and chew. 

The goal is to replace what is missing over there. Nothing better than your own natural dentition, but if we are misfortunate, we lost one or two, then here what comes, the dental implants in.

A simple procedure is being done. It's one of the simplest procedures that's being done right now in dental field, is placing a dental implant.

It takes literally less than five minutes to have the dental implants being placed. Most of the work is being done behind the scene. We have everything ready for you. We plan which type of implant we're going to be placed, which brand, which type, size and everything, so when you are in our office, you are ready to have the implant be placed.

As the titanium screw is being placed in the bone, let it wait for around three to four months to make sure that it's very well integrated, and by that I mean the bone is accepting it, your body's accepting it.

Once this part is done, then our job is to come in and put a crown on the top of the tooth to replace the missing tooth. If the front tooth, definitely we make sure it's matching the rest of the teeth by size, by color, for sure, and emergent profile, or how the tooth is coming out of your mouth.

If it's a back tooth, we have to make sure all of that apply as well, beside the strength. It has to be strong enough that it will handle the chewing forces and, you know, natural food, if you're eating every day.

Implants can last for years and years, even up to 20 years if not more. All what you have to do is just your normal home care. Just maintain it very well, with regular brushing.

Once you get the dental implant placed and the crown procedure done the top of it, you'll be extremely happy, extremely satisfied. You'll be only wondering, why did you waste time waiting until that thing to happen? 

You can have a bridge to be placed. You can have a removable prosthetic to be placed. But once you have something as close as it can get to your natural dentition, you will forget about it. Your will forget where the implant was placed.

And again, the procedure is almost atraumatic. You will feel nothing while you're having it, pretty simple, pretty straightforward, easy to recover, thanks to the new technology.