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Dr. Abraham and Dr. Smetko discuss LifeTime Smiles of OC


Dr. Abraham: Since I was at high school, I have been always seeing my dentist having fun being at the dental office, being rewarded day after day, seeing the patients like myself and my family coming to him and he's being happy. I always felt that the dentist is kind of like he's my uncle. He's like my dad's best friend. He's my dad's buddy. 

So when I was at high school, I went over there to shadow him to accompany him at the office to see what he's doing and I felt that that's one of the most rewarding jobs ever. You're working with your hands. You're working with people. You're making them happy. You're making them feeling good about themself. And most of the times, you're getting them out of pain.

When you're here, you're going to be treated as family. We want to hear your story. We want to hear your goals. And we'll help you doing it. If you haven't been to a dental office for a long period of time, we are not expecting that everything's going to be done in a week or two. It can take longer period of time. So we'll set your goals. We'll set our goals. We'll put a blueprint together and take it from there step by step with respect to your time, with respect to financials, with respect to your goals.

Dr. Smetko: I'd say you would come here because you're going to get personalized care. You're not going to be put into a box where, let's say the HMOs or the corporate practices say you need one hour for this or two hours for that or one half hour for this. No. We're not focused on that. We're focused on taking care of the patient. If it takes a bit longer, that's fine with us. In fact, most of our appointments, we have to spread them out so we have time to really do what we have to do and still have time to go ahead and have a little friendly conversation with our patients and make them feel really at home. I want them to feel, and Doctor Abraham does too, that they want to come in here, that they're not afraid to come in here.

Dr. Abraham: Sometimes we go out with our patients to have a happy hour. Sometimes we go out with our patients to celebrate their birthday and it happens a lot. At Doctor Smetko's birthday, we celebrated it recently. And one of the local restaurants over here in the area and some of our patients joined us. 

It's very rewarding when you find somebody that have been away from the dental office because of certain reasons. And when they come over here within a very short period of time the say like, "How come I haven't been here before? How come I've been away from the dental office for such a long time?"

It's very rewarding when you find somebody walking in, is in extreme pain and just walking out a couple of hours later, if not less, putting a smile on their face. It's extremely rewarding when you see an anxious parent walking in with their kid having an accident, having a fall, being hit by a ball in their face and their mom is not in a good shape and the kid is leaving happy, smiling. We just look at the parent's eyes and like, "Wow. You made them really, really happy."