Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial


Well I've had bad dentists. I remember going to one place, and there's this lady, and she was giving me a... She started on one side and then she's giving me a root canal, root canal, root canal, and I thought there's something up with that. And then yeah, I started coming here. First it was Doctor Smecko, but now Abraham's here, and yeah, he's doing a great job with it.

Yeah, not only is the staff nice, but they do good work too. He does good work and is super nice and friendly and he really does a good job explaining all the work that he's going to be doing before he does it, that way I get a good idea of what's actually going on with teeth. Everybody is really nice. If I had a family, I'd bring them all here.

Because before I'd be coming to the Dentist and I wouldn't really know what they were doing. They'd just be in there working on it and I wouldn't really have a conversation with them, it just seems like they'd be there just to do the work, but then with Dr.Abraham, it's kind of like having a friend work on my teeth.

I have absolutely no fear of coming in here. I'm not worried about and y of the work they're going to do. It's also one of the things before is, I'd go to places and actually, they'd hurt me and cause pain. Here I don't have to worry about that.

I've been to other Dentists before and I don't like going to the Dentist, never before have I enjoyed going to the Dentist and actually, I like recommending this place because I enjoy it, I like coming here.