Dr. Kareem Abraham discusses the process and benefits of veneers at his practice in Santa Ana, CA.

Dr. Kareem Abraham discusses the process and benefits of veneers at his practice in Santa Ana, CA.


Dental veneers can give you the smile that you always wanted to have. If you're having misshaped teeth or darker teeth color that you couldn't whiten them to the level that you want, then the dental veneer will help you very well. When you do a dental veneer, you definitely need to consult first to make sure that you are the right candidate for it. If your teeth are ready to have the veneers are being placed, then the procedure is being done in one to two visits and you will be finished with it completely. We examine your teeth. We make sure that you are cavity free, you don't have an existing filling or an existing restoration over there, and we check your bite. We check your occlusion. Then we'll talk with you about what's your goals. What do you want to have your teeth looking like?

Once it comes to the veneers, we'll scan your teeth, take photos for the existing teeth, and then we can make them bigger, wider, whiter, longer, you let us know what you want to have and within limits, definitely we can deliver that for you. The dental veneer itself is made of porcelain. 100% pure porcelain. It's compact. It's very strong. And we can decide the color of them. You want to have a bright white smile, a subtle white smile, all of that in our control.

You will let us know what you like, what you don't like about your teeth. You have them more square, more rounded, more prominent, more long, more short, and with what you have in your mind with a picture you have in your mind, we'll draw this picture for the lab technician for the [inaudible] and that what we will deliver for you. 

People who receive the veneers are thrilled with it. Our biggest challenge is to encourage them to smile more. They were shy hiding their smile and now they are still shy with it. But once they have their beautiful smile, now they can smile more. Now they can show more teeth. The veneers doesn't need to have any extra type of care or maintenance. Just maintain your teeth the way that you should do it. Normal brushing, flossing, and mouth wash. Seeing a big smile on your face is the most rewarding thing we can get in our dental office. Once you start brighten your smile, once you start showing your smile, that's our biggest reward. 

The veneers will help you to deliver that.