Actual Patient Testimonial on LifeTime Smiles of OC

A patient of LifeTime Smiles of OC discusses his experience.

It was interesting when Dr. Abraham took over. Dr. Smetko told everybody what was happening. Because I'd been coming here for 20 years at that time I was a little bit apprehensive, but from the very onset Dr. Abraham was very warm. If a dentist has a bedside manner, he has one. Whether I am coming for a cleaning or a procedure, he will stop in and say, "Hi." He may not look at anything that's going on, but he will come in, and stick his head in, and talk to me for a minute. Always takes the time to let me know that he's thankful that I'm a patient. Very important to me. He's not just here to take my money. He's here to make sure that I'm happy. 

He is a very good listener. He will let you talk, ask questions. He will not tell you what you're going to get, or what you're not going to get. He gives you the options, let's you ask the questions. I would tell somebody that is looking for a dentist that this would probably be the last place they would need to go. They can do something as simple as a cleaning and x-ray down to a full tooth repair, cracked teeth, et cetera. It's a one-stop shop as far as his knowledge is concerned. He's always on the cutting edge. He treats you fairly. He's a very positive person. Again, I feel like family. I come in here, and I don't just sign my name and sit in the waiting room. I'm being spoken with, talked to. I talk about my vacations with my hygienist. It's just a very relaxed family atmosphere type of a dentist office.