Dr. Abraham Discusses The Advanced Dental Technology Used At His Practice In Santa Ana, CA.

Dr. Kareem Abraham discusses the Advanced Dental Technology they use at LifeTime Smiles of OC.


Currently, we do have right now, a 3D x-rays that will help us to diagnose a problem before we feel it or before we see it. Currently we have the 3D imaging that we take an impression of the teeth instead of having the old school goop that takes an impression, put the trays in your mouth, let it sit for three to eight minutes. Now we just go ahead with the 3D camera. It can scan your teeth in less than three minutes and it's 100% accurate compared to any other technologies that we had before.

The 3D digital impression is extremely accurate and is very, very fast and extremely convenient as well, to the patient, to us as a providers, as a dentist, and to the lab as well. So the three of us can make smiles happen.

Besides that, we utilize a laser as well in dentistry. It had evolved in the past few years and we do have soft tissue laser that will help us a lot to eliminate infection from the gums, minimize pocket depths or minimize the gums problems and help us, as well, with preparing the teeth for restoration.

Between the three of us, Doctor Nawar, Doctor Smetko, and myself, we'll be more than happy to provide you with the best dental care that you deserve to have. The three of us will treat you like family and the three of us will work as a team to find what is the best treatment for you, what's the best alternative for you, and what your options are.